HMT Bhavan

The Corporate Head Office of HMT Limited, Bengaluru.

About us

HMT Ltd. is a Public Sector Undertaking under the Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India. HMT Limited is a Multi-Unit, Multi-Location, Multi-Product Engineering Conglomerate, which pioneered many Products and Services in India. To know more about the company visit here.

From its humble beginning in 1953, the company expanded rapidly gaining the trust and affections of millions of customers in the country. HMT received many accolades as it grew up to a pre-eminent position in the Indian Industrial Landscape. To know more about our wide-ranging Machine Tool Products and Operations visit here. To know more about our international operations visit here.

The Common Service Division (CSD) of HMT Ltd. has tried to capture the essence of Journey of HMT through “HMT Heritage Centre and Museum”. This is an offering of gratitude by HMT Ltd to all its stakeholders.

“HMT House” where HMT Museum and Heritage Centre is located is in the erstwhile residence of Chairman of the company. Our current Chairman S Girish Kumar was kind enough to permit the use of HMT House to set up the museum. This bungalow was designed in the early 1950s by Kanvide and Rai Architects on a lush green landscape of 4.17 acres with a total built-up area of 4,246 sq.ft.The museum is set up with minimum alterations to the structure retaining its original architectural style as far as possible. Similarly, the display structures are created by using refurbished doors, windows, frames.etc. All exhibits are collected from various HMT factories spread across the country.

The HMT Executive Club sponsored the Audio Visual Room and its upgradation. All of the Children park is sponsored by HMT Education Society. HMT Sports Club also contributed generously.

This museum is for HMTians and their extended families, students, technical minds and the younger generation to appreciate the journey of HMT along with the Industrialisation of India. HMT CSD is consistently working towards giving you an unforgettable museum experience and we would appreciate your feedback.

Good Team, Good Company

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S. Girish Kumar,

Chairman and Managing Director

Hearty Welcome to HMT Heritage Centre and Museum. HMT started in a small way in 1953 and embarked upon a journey in uncharted territory, grew multifold and contributed immensely to nation-building. Our team has tried to capture the essence of this journey here through images, models and video. It may kindle nostalgic memories in HMT’ians and Fans. This is definitely useful for the students to get an idea about the engineering skills and technology involved in HMT Products. It is difficult to capture the complete essence of a company like HMT, due to its wide range of products, the sheer size and spread. So, take your time, feel the display, travel the Journey. We will be happy to get feedback and suggestions.

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General Manager (HR & A)

Hello Everyone !!! It's indeed my great privilege to welcome all visitors to this unique destination of HMT's "Heritage Centre & Museum". I'm delighted to share with you that, through this centre, a small attempt has been made by our dedicated team to showcase HMT's great "Journey of Excellence" over the past more than six decades encapsulating a glimpse of its vast product range ie.,Machine Tools, Watches, Tractors, Bearings, Dairy Machinery etc. and their technological evolution. I hope your visit to this Heritage Centre would be an enlightening and enriching experience. Wishing you All the best.

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General Manager (CS) HMT Limited.

The Heritage Centre and Museum is an offering of love and gratitude from HMT to all its stakeholders. The scenic beauty of the location, the insight into the diversified range of HMT’s Products, its various factories, as well as, the multifaceted display of HMT Watches is a viewer’s delight. The AV show evokes nostalgia and connects the past with the present. There is something worthwhile for one and all. Congratulations and best wishes to the Team who have created this beautiful setup to add a new place to the list of must-see sightseeing spots in Bengaluru."

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MRV Raja

General Technical Manager (CSD)

When the opportunity for setting up museum came to Common Service Division (CSD), that too without any budgetary support, we didn't know from where to start. Charting in an unknown territory is risky but exciting. When we put our heart and soul into a task, help comes from unexpected sources. Design help came to from students of National Institute of Design and Siddaganga Institute Of Technology. The CSD team, especially the CSD- Watches team, wholeheartedly put in long hours to bring the design to life. Existing materials were refurbished and the museum was set up with minimum investment. I am really thankful to the team and proud of their creation...